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Shopping at TONALI is easy and safe. You just have to select the products you want to buy, access your shopping cart and register (or vice versa, you first register and then access your shopping cart). We always advise a final review of your order when confirming it, making sure that the quantity, type, color and length are correct. You choose the payment method that best suits you, and when we receive notification of your payment, we will send you the products and the invoice to the address that you have provided in your registration form.

In any case, you can always contact us at where we will answer your questions about our products or about the purchase process on our website.

Our purchase conditions are as follows:

Users must register in order to configure their orders. Once registered, they can add and cancel products from their account, before the final confirmation of the order.

Once the order is confirmed and the purchase process completed, which ends with payment, the user agrees to accept the Terms of Use and purchase conditions indicated by TONALI.

The user will be responsible for the order placed, proceeding to pay for it within a period of 8 (eight) days. If during these 8 (eight) days from the acceptance of the order, TONALI has not received the payment, the order will be canceled automatically, with no possibility of being recovered.

For orders made from Spain (except for the Canary Islands) 21% VAT will be applied.
For orders placed from the Canary Islands or abroad, this tax will not apply, following current regulations.

The material will be sent once the corresponding payment has been received.

The payment methods we offer are:

Wire transfer.
Once the order is confirmed, the user has a maximum period of 6 (six) days to make the transfer to the account number that will be indicated once the order is completed. To expedite the shipment of the material, we would be grateful if you could send us the transfer receipt via email.

Credit card.
Payment can be made comfortably by credit card on the website of our associated bank with maximum security.

Transportation charges will be billed to the customer. If you want the material to be sent by any specific means and at your expense, you must inform us at the order confirmation. In this case, the postage will be paid by the same customer.

In the event that a package is returned to us without prior notice, the transport charges incurred will be billed to the customer. If the payment is not received within the agreed period, the necessary legal actions will be taken.

In the event that any of the products has a manufacturing defect and as long as it is not due to its handmade nature, the customer will have the right to have it replaced. To do this, you must notify us within 7 (seven) days of receiving it, either by email: info @ or by phone

(+34) 621 269 853

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